I LOVE how Morgan can always get Reid to talk about how he’s feeling.

I LOVE how even though Reid hates talking about himself because he thinks it will make him seem weak Morgan can always get Reid to talk.

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Come Daylight Chapter 5: Reveal 

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Morgan/Reid’s Bromance

Requested by Sirisha.

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Tummy - Criminal Minds fanfic 


I wrote this for someone who loves this pairing. Uh, that’s all I can say. Morgan/Reid, a crowded train, and a Reid’s tummy. Rated: PG-13

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Coffee Jitters by twitBailey

Spencer Reid has been more jittery than usual. Although the BAU is pretty sure it’s from the oceans of coffee the youngest agent consumes, they may be surprised by what is actually going through his frazzled head.

Can Derek finally find it in him to talk to his pretty boy, or will they continue to ignore their feelings?

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[so this happened…]

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Contrary to what people may think, Spencer Reid doesn’t hate technology.  Sure he may eschew it in favor of old-fashioned ways of communication, but that doesn’t mean he can’t find the good in it

When Spencer was a small child, his mother imparted her love for books on him.  Why play video games when you can travel to Middle Earth?  Who needs a computer when you have your Hitchhiker’s Guide and your towel?  There was a whole new world waiting for him and all he needed was a book and his imagination.

After his father left, money was tight at times for Spencer and his mother.  Things like having the latest TV or owning a computer fell by the wayside when there were bills to pay.  A new stereo system may feed your ears, but not your stomach.

Now that Spencer is all grown up, with a child of his own and a husband whose job takes him all over the all over the country, letter writing, while enjoyable, just isn’t a feasible way of staying in touch.  When he wants to contact Derek, there is his iPhone.  With just a few touches, he can send picture of Connor as he sits in his highchair eating breakfast.  Or he can send out a quick text to let his husband know that he is thinking about him.

As Spencer sits in front of the computer, with Connor in his lap, skyping  with Derek, he knows that he wouldn’t trade this moment for all the paper and ink in the world.

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Fic: Come Daylight Chapter 4: Beginnings 

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Here’s a fic rec for a Reid/Morgan fic from Criminal Minds. Reid has bipolar disorder, he’s hospitalized at least twice (haven’t finished reading it myself) and it’s pretty realistic.

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Morgan x Reid

The friendship, bromantic and romantic escapades of Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds.

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