Reid: I saw lights and shit when I died
Morgan: you never told me that!!!

Not us
Morgan man

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Derek talks about you
abOUT YOU?!?
What does this mean?!
What does he say?
‘Family, there’s this really cute guy at work youngest agent like ever in fact and he’s a genius and did I mention he’s cute?’
Is that what he say about Spencer?! Because what the hell could it be???!!??!

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Criminal Minds Gif Challenge | [2/6 brotps]

↪ Spencer/Derek

Spencer: You should have listened to me.
Derek: It wouldn’t have saved that much time, Reid. Let it go.
Spencer: The interchange between the 405 and the 101 freeways is consistently rated the worst interchange in the entire world.
Derek: Why do you know that?
Spencer: It’s a government report.
Derek: So what?
Spencer: So, you work for the government. What, you don’t read the reports?
Derek: On traffic patterns in a city 2,500 miles from where I live?
Spencer: 2,295 miles.
Derek: Don’t make me smack you in front of all these people.

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Criminal Minds - Morgan/Reid - Moreid Week - Days 4 and 5 


Title: 4 Letter Word
Prompts Used: Day 4 - Telling the Team and Day 5 - Marriage Proposal

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Moreid Week, Day 4: Telling the team 


Title: I hope when you’re in bed with her, you think of me

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Criminal Minds - Morgan/Reid - Moreid Week - Day 6 


Title: 4 Letter Word
Warnings: MPREG and language
Prompts used: #6 - First Child

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A Very Moreid Christmas 


A couple of weeks before Christmas, the team was relaxing jet after finishing up their most recent case.  It was a relatively short flight, only about an hour and a half, and everybody was awake.  With the holiday just around the corner, talk turned to Christmas presents and everyone was discussing the favorite present that they had received as a kid.

"Definitely, my Radio Flyer sled," said Rossi.  "I used to fly down Miller’s Hill on that thing."

For Hotch it was the G.I. Joe action figure he had received for his seventh Christmas.

"My favorite gift was this pink Huffy bike I got when I was eight," said J.J.  "I rode that thing everywhere.  Even to go to my best friend’s house and she lived right across the street from me."

Prentiss recalled being thrilled to receive an Atari one year for Christmas.  She had been the Dig Dug champ amongst her friends.

"It’s toss up," said Reid "between my first chess set and my first Dr. Who novel."

"Let me, guess, you were only two when you got those," joked Morgan causing everyone on the plane to laugh.

"What was your favorite present, Morgan,?" asked J.J.  "Something sports related?"

"When I was five the circus came to town and my parents took me and my sisters to see it.  My uncle used to work at the train yard and he invited us down to watch them unload the circus train.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks afterward.  That Christmas, my mom bought me the Little People Circus Train.  Once I opened that up, I didn’t even want to look at another present.  I played with it all day long.”  Morgan couldn’t help, but smile as he remembered his father sitting on the floor right next to him playing with him.  It was one of his favorite memories.  “Best gift I ever got.”

It was Morgan and Reid’s first Christmas as a couple and Reid wanted to do something special for his boyfriend.  They had been dating for about seven months now and Reid knew that Morgan was it for him.  He wanted the gift he gave Morgan to be perfect.  After much searching, he found it three days before Christmas online, which was a testament to how much he loved his boyfriend because he didn’t care for online shopping at all.  It only cost a small fortune to have it sent by overnight mail.

Reid was beaming as he held an autographed first edition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  He had mentioned in passing to Morgan that he wished that he could have met Douglas Adams before he passed away.  I know it’s not possible to meet the man, but this way you have a little piece of him.  Reid was touched that Morgan remembered.

When it was time for Morgan to unwrap his gift, Reid suddenly felt very nervous.  What if he thought it was silly or childish? 

"Wow," said Morgan once his present was unwrapped to reveal a Little People Circus Train.

"You mentioned that yours was given away, so I though that you might like another one.  I mean, since it was your favorite, but if you don’t like it, I can get you something el…"  Reid’s rambling was silenced by a kiss from Morgan.

"I love it, Spencer," said Morgan "and I love you.  I can’t wait for when we have a child of our own and they’re old enjoy to enjoy playing with the circus train."

The smile that lit up Reid’s face upon hearing Morgans words stayed there for the rest of the day.

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The Winter Is Warmer - Chapter 7 

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