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Morgan/Reid - Criminal Minds Season 5 - A Thousand Words

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After long stressful cases, Morgan and Reid like to head home together and relax with a nice bottle of wine.  In cooler months, they will put a long on the fire and curl up together on the sofa with an afghan draped over them.  In the warmer months, they head outdoors to light the fire-pit.  They lay together on a soft blanket and stare up at the stars.  Morgan loves listening to Reid as he points out the different constellations.

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Come Daylight Chapter 2: Hesitation 

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Fic: Live By The Light In Your Eyes 

"Spencer," he murmured, nuzzling the man’s jaw before he pulled back to look at his face, the man’s eyes lidded and calm in their embrace, "I’ve got a question."

Or: the times Morgan tried to ask Reid to marry him, and one time he didn’t.

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Wished on the Moon 


I wished on the stars to throw me a beam or two
I begged of a stars and asked for a dream or two
I looked for every loveliness, it all came true
I wished on the moon for you

The melodic sound of Billie Holiday’s voice floated through the open french doors and out onto to patio where Derek and Spencer were slow dancing.  The moon glowing high in the sky illuminated the matching gold wedding bands that they wore.  A soft breeze was coming in off the ocean causing Derek to pull his husband even closer.  Spencer rested his cheek on Derek’s shoulder and breathed in his scent.  As they swayed together in the moonlight, they both knew that there could not be a more perfect start to their honeymoon.

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Criminal Minds/Pacific Rim AU

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Morgan x Reid

The friendship, bromantic and romantic escapades of Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds.

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